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Blake Investment Group

Building Investments Globally - Combining Resources And Talents 

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Building Investments Globally

When I thought about what I wanted my life to eventually look like, it wasn’t so much a picture of the finer things.


It was a definition of  words that I deemed necessary to have for peace… kenBIGblake

▪FREEDOM – Financially Ready Enjoying Everyday Defining Our Moments

▪SUCCESS – Seeing Unity Change Circumstances Enabling Someone's Success

▪TRIBE – The Right Ingredients Bringing Empowerment

I wanted the FREEDOM to express whatever may be inside of me.


I wanted the SUCCESS to assist others with their dreams and goals.


I wanted to build a TRIBE of like minded people to assist others and themselves in their definition of success.

If this resonates with you and our goals are in alignment, then I ask you to proceed further to find out how I may benefit you in the business of real estate.

The Right Ingredients Bringing Empowerment

Real Estate

BIG AM PM LOGO.png 2.png

Will You Be One Of 5 Firms In The Real Estate Wholesale Partnership?

▪5 Companies

$50.00  Join Fee + 1st Month

$100.00 Monthly Investment

Monthly Returned Upon 1st Deal Closing

20% Split 5 Ways Bi-Annually: 6/15 & 12/15

Every Firm Learns From Each Other

*2 Year Partnership. Dec 15th, 2024 All Remaining Funds Split 5 Ways.

Deal 1 Closes in 60 days for $10,000.00 gross

5 firms receive $200.00 each, leaving $9,000.00

$9,000.00 divided by 2 = $4,500.00

$4,500.00 divided by 5 = $900.00 per firm.

This happens the first deal.

After 1st deal closes the monthly fee is waived

Every 6 months on the 15th (June & December) 20% of gross is split between the HANDS

Partners Must Stay Duration Of 2 years And Will Not Receive Buyouts Or Early Withdrawals.

MasterMind Partnership Coalition


Specific Shared Duties


•Speak With Seller(s) / Solve Problems

•Place Under Contract With Maximum 65% Below ARV

Asset Mgr.

•Schedule All Showings To Potential Investors/Buyers

•Schedule And Manage All Contractors etc For Rehab / Remodels


Dispo MGR.

•Work With Closing Agents, Attorneys, And Anyone Involved In Clearing/Cleaning Title, etc.

•Makes Sure All Numbers Are Correct Upon Closing The Deal.

Marketing & Research

Set Up Systems To Reach Distressed, Tired Owners, Lenders, And Cash Buyers.


Zoom Q&A 8 pm Est 1/17 - 1/23

All Team Member Slots Taken As of
Wednesday 1/19/2022


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