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BESTseries – IncFundPartner

A Three-Part Series For Those With An Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, And Thursdays 8 pm – 10 pm est

First & Third Week May 2022, June 2022


Tuesday 8 - 10 pm est

Part 1 Incorporate

Entrepreneurs & business owners have better tax advantages, funding options, and access to opportunities that effectively managed increases their net worth exponentially.


May & June 2022

8 -10 pm est


Wednesday 8 - 10 pm est 

Part 2 Funding

The government, lenders, and private investors have a surplus of funds available to those who are recognized entities and know how to apply. Learn the proper steps for any industry.


May & June 2022

8 - 10 pm est


Thursday 8 - 10 pm est

Part 3 Partnerships

(Partnerships, Syndications & REITs) – Leveraging skills and capital with others of like mind. How to build the OTHER team to maximize purposeful growth.


May & June 2022

8 - 10 pm est

Steps2Take To Thrive Today


If there is one thing we all can understand, it is the essence of time.

You are here because you need things done, and in some cases, you are the person who will make sure it happens.

Do you have 2 hours or less to start on the dreams you have for your own business?


Some Things Just Make Sense


Success is not something that will escape you when you know the Steps2Take.


So, wouldn’t it make sense as a business owner to study the three key components to long-term success in any industry?


Step 1 – Be recognized by the state.


Step 2 – Be able to secure funding from all funding sources.


Step 3 – Be in a position to partner with businesses and entrepreneurs of like mind.

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