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First Contact

The goal of first contact is to review the potential mentee's submission clarifying their answers before the ZOOM call.

It will also serve as a reminder to download the e-guide relating to time management that had links during the process. (Email & Success Messages)

Text & FAQ

Text To Send
Before Call

BIG Day! Im ________And I Will Be Calling You In Moments On Behalf Of

I hope you have a couple of minutes to spare.


How Long Is mentorship?

A Year

How Long Is Zoom Call? 15 - 30 minutes

How Many Mentors?

Several you will meet as time progresses.


Will I Be The Only One On The Zoom?


How Does The Mentorship Work?

The Answer To This And The Majority Of Your Questions Will Be Answered On Your Zoom Discovery Call.

Mentee Discovery Session

Mentee Followup After ZOOM

Within 3 days after the ZOOM meeting, we will do a quick follow-up for feedback.

We are looking for any suggestions they may want to make to our process and their level of understanding of the process.

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