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3 keys to establishing a reference point.

In business, it is most important to have reliable references, sources and systems in place to make decisions that have a greater chance at success. In some cases, the best information comes from the person that needs a challenge solved. Although this may be the best scenario, we have come to understand that we also need to follow-up with what we’ve been told with additional research.

  The power of listening and observing your client can save you time and assist you in uncovering solutions that add value to their entire organization or system. These three keys have worked for me and I hope they can work for you.

1.  Get the information from the person who understands the situation.

2.  Ask what have they tried that did not work.

3.  Establish a point of reference that you both can agree upon.

  It is important to have small teams tackle research working independently aggregating results before making final decisions. These results should not take days and should be stored for future reference for similar challenges. As with all data it should be updated on a regular schedule as markets and processes continuously change.

In finishing you should be able to tap into your network to offer two or three solutions they can choose from. If all works well ( and you have an ideal client ) they will share your info with their network and bring you more business.

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