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4 Qualities Exemplary Leaders Project

Every leader has a purpose, whether they lead a large, small organization or their household. The more effective leaders are passionate about that purpose. The more successful leaders embody love and practice the 4 basic things that make up the qualities exemplary leaders share.

1. Set the tone / culture: They practice best habits and are open to listening to those not in their immediate care.

2. Instruct with purpose & passion: The best leaders convey what they mean in a way that can be shared easily with the entire organization arousing passion for the shared goals.

3. Take time to insure the processes are working optimally: They get information from those on the ground floor of systems and then implement those ideas in manageable increments testing for bottom line growth.

4. C.A.R.E.Consult, Advocate, Reciprocate, Educate: They are open to offer ideas when asked, They will advocate for new methods to increase productivity while still insuring flexibility in the companies culture. They give back to employees and the communities they serve. They are a wealth of information and share freely as they are lifelong learners.

Of the many qualities and systems leadership embodies the most important has to be the way in which they LOVE.

Ken BIG Blake – I am not an expert, I just happen to make sense

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