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Are You In Your Own Corner?

INFLUENCE!! That is a mighty BIG word… Sometimes the people in your life carry a weight of influence that all that is spoken has to be right. They have been through a couple of storms, fires and disasters seemingly left unscathed.

It is good to honor their insights and learned skills from the challenges they conquered. They are a wealth of information and sometimes offer practical solutions to what you may encounter on your road to self realization, attainment or what you search for.

I also want you to know that not everyone with influence may have your best interests at heart. Everyone with influence in your life may not think that you are capable of getting what you aim for.

Your family, peers, coworkers, associates all may have levels of influence in your life but when it comes down to what you have identified as a priority, the heaviest weight of you accomplishing this task has to be from you… Are Y.O.U. in your own corner?

What is your primary directive?

What is your primary task?

What are your primary actions?

Ken BIG Blake… I am not an expert, I just happen to make sense.

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