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Are You On A Path Of Purpose?

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Have you ever looked back upon the road you traveled in life and realized that some of the lessons you learned are creating the success you are attaining today?

In some cases, you wanted to have a specific skill set like a doctor or lawyer. You knew that the best road was one traversed by the people before you.

You knew the plan and went the route with others accomplishing the goal in relation to your specific life curves and roundabouts.

Some people do not have a clear path or specific skill set they wish to attain.

They know they want something but can’t quite place their foot on it. One thing is sure though, they are still walking. The dilemma is to figure out what they want and how to walk the correct path to attain it.

There is hope!

It starts with reviewing your steps and looking at the most joy you received from similar things on your journey.

Find that joy and pursue it! Learn the skill sets needed to become a master of what brings joy to you as it will indefinitely bring joy to those in alignment with your W.H.Y.

Your journey has not been one in vain…Take time to think about it…

Maybe Your Path Is Business Ownership?

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