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Business Works Best When You L.I.E.

Everyone talks about WIN/WIN situations and most business people honestly want that to happen. In order for that to work your board members have to L.I.E. ( Loathe Ignorant Exchanges )

What I mean by that is kind of like this…An ignorant exchange is when one or more parties hides intentionally facts that if were brought to light would alter your decisions. You can pretty much view this as a not so outright lie. So how do you learn to discern the whole truth or better yet avoid pinocchios?

4 Rules:

1. Ask more questions than usual.

2. Insure that you have a reputation for honest business practices

3. Be fair to everyone and involve yourself with people known for their integrity

4. Let people down easy providing a way for them to make things right

Those four rules will limit the number of Ignorant Exchanges because your name proceeds you and you recognize that all have sinned and if given the opportunity can become right.

When you surround yourself with people that Loathe Ignorant Exchanges (LIE) your business will prosper in the long run.

Ken BIG Blake – I Am Not An Expert…I Just Happen To Make Sense

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