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Do Less Achieve More

Do less achieve more? Does that even sound right? How can one do less and achieve more? How does that make sense? Well if you are anything like me things have to make sense in order to work…..right?

     I took a close look at this phrase to try and figure out how it can make sense. Well one of the ideas I came up with is if you do less of some things, you will  be able to do more of things that matter. That kind of made sense to me.

    So lets see. If you are reading this ThinkBIGquickie you probably are a forward thinker that looks for inspiration in any form and have taken positive action steps towards your goals. You also may be a person with some great I.D.E.A.S but with the constant busy-ness of the day you probably don’t have time to develop them.

     So ask yourself…..What is positive motivational thinking going to do for you when you cant do for yourself? What I mean is if your whole day consists of helping others or worse….gossiping about the latest reality show or people you know…. when do you find time to pursue your goals or better yet clear your mind?

     You see…it makes sense that you can achieve more by doing less of the things that distract you from your primary directive. What is your primary directive? Your GOALS. Does your goals have many time wasters? I think not. Write down the 3 things that are not positive or productive that take you away from your goals. Write down how much time in a day you spend on those things then THINK.

    Can you turn off your phone, tv, & radio for one hour of total concentration towards your goal at least 6 days a week. That would equal 1 day a month. Take 2 days………..what the heck! DO LESS ACHIEVE MORE

KenBIGBlake  I am not an expert, I just happen to make sense.

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