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Eureka!! Breakthrough A Barrier The Smart Way!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Eureka!! We all search for those breakthrough moments don’t we? What if we could maximize the method to receive them and assist others in reaching higher ground in their search for achievement.

The process is so simple that we overlook the basic steps and charge right into the middle of the mess swinging at all sides until we reach that point of exhaustion that accompanies defeat.

As a young marine the first thing they did was strip us of all the bad habits we picked up the first 17 – 20 years of our lives. They had to start with a blank page to instill in us the characteristics needed to survive. It took time and they knew this.

Define Needs!

Listen To What You/They Need….

You as well as your clients must also know that it will take time to achieve lasting success. Time has to have a plan the same way the sun rises and sets. If you look at the way crops grow and people have seasons and the life of a *mosquito *(Female 42-56 days, Male 10 days) you realize there is a time for everything.

So let’s take the time to define what it is we/they really need, provide a short term solution that’s agreeable/doable and a plan to eliminate future occurrences. This plan will work if the short term plan is solid, attainable and simple.

The key is not to think about what your client needs in relation to your skills sets. The key is to listen to what they truly need and proceed to provide them with the basics and a trusted partner that has the skill sets they require.

You can do this and if needed I am always a phone call, email or text message away…

Ken BIG Blake – I am not an expert…I just happen to make sense.

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