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Have You Used A GPS For Your Life?

Have you mapped your destination? Have you determined when to start?

I want you to take a little time to think about those questions. I want you to imagine that right now you are out of state. This could be the area you are familiar with / hometown or your state of being. In either case you want to get where you are going in the shortest amount of time with the least number of roadblocks.

The first thing you would do is get the location of the place you are trying to reach. We can look at this as a physical address or a position / income goal in life. Once you have identified this and only after you have identified this you can map / plan the coordinates to arrive. Once you have a destination which is by far the most important part of your journey….You must take actions / steps towards the objective.

Anywhere can be Nowhere

Can you imagine just hearing about a place and then heading towards it without a road map? How about expecting to have a successful career / life without planning for it?

There are many people who wake up every day in a state of conscious that will not take them anywhere and they will find every excuse imaginable to use because they have gone nowhere. Real action cannot be stopped by people or systems because you rise above them. Before you take that next road trip just think about the GPS you can use on your life…Don’t wind up anywhere! Know your destination!

Ken BIG Blake… I am not an expert. I just happen to make sense…

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We Will Start With An End Goal, Create The Plan And Take The Steps Needed To Arrive At Your Destination!

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