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I Am & You Are

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

I Will Be What I Will Be…… I Am That I AM…..

This saying has a deep history in religious manuals as well as philosophical debates and modern day usage. What does it mean? I Am sure that one can point to many sources to answer this from without and within. When we say “I Am” it is unfinished or at least feels that way. We search for more so we follow it with nouns, verbs adjectives.

W.H.A.T. I.F. the reason it may feel as if it needs more is because we have the power to choose what I Will Be by finishing the statement I AM.

How do you finish this statement in your mind or your everyday conversations?

Think about it and ask yourself are you living your spoken or thought I AMs.

W.H.A.T. I.F. Y.O.U. could change everything about yourself that you see as a limiting factor in your I.D.E.A.S of achievement by managing your mind and spoken words when it comes to I AM.

Many of you who will take the time to read and think about this will realize that you may have to make a small change to accomplish BIG things. Many of you will say, I know that already and continue to do the same thing.

There will be enough of you that will listen to get and take the A.C.T.I.O.N.S needed to see the results.

IIntegrity: Honest, Ethical, Fair

AAction: Exert Power Toward A Specific Cause Or Objective

MManagement: Organize & Coordinate Components To Reach A G.O.A.L.

Choose Your I. A.M. Carefully so that you may live it…..


W.H.A.T. I.F. I AM was a completed sentence?

Would it not mean that I AM everything and everything is me without a need for anything…….

Ken BIG Blake.. I am not an expert… I just happen to make sense.

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Only You Can Commit To Your Success

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