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The T3 Approach To Entrepreneurship

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Assisting entrepreneurial startups can be a rewarding feeling when the founder(s) implement our T3 approach to their business models.

To put it simply we enable them to Think Things Through.

Leaders are known as individuals of deep thought even when every distraction available is in their presence. You call their name and they must snap back into the moment. Most of these leaders are focusing on a challenge they or a colleague needs solved and only in those times of reflection can the answers become clear.

They are successful from the start because they Think Things Through (T3) and have contingency plans for the unexpected.

One thing that excites me the most is seeing how they rely on their team to tackle obstructions in the moment.

This T3 approach is called Team Training Timing and every true leader uses this process subconsciously at best.

They Develop their people intentionally so that the small hiccups in the day to day operations can be solved and documented without upper managements (that can sometimes be time consuming) involvement.

The last T3 approach leaders use is the basis of their ongoing success and is incorporated throughout their entire organization. They have a Technique that implemented into any system insures an almost flawless automation even if they are not present.

They use Tactfulness when working with subordinates in good times or challenging.

They create a feeling of Trust by simply being Trustworthy.

In closing, Our T.E.A.M. S.Y.S.T.E.M.S. Module in thinkBIGacademics goes over the three layers of the T3 approach and other methods that enable founders and owners to maximize their processes and teams.

“The issue is not that you are without thought, it is in the lack of discipline to Think Things Through.” kenBIGblake

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