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M.Y. M.O.M.S.

Making Your Meaning Of Motherhood Special!

I remember as a kid the first time I heard the term Mothers Day. I was in first grade and the teacher Mrs. Plants handed out colored paper, glue, scissors, crayons and told us to create a mothers day card.

As I grew older I always remembered the best things we did together and one piece of priceless advice I try to live with. She told me “Always get a second or even third opinion for things that mattered”.

I asked her “what mattered?” She then said that “everything mattered”.

Some of us may not have that opportunity now to speak with our mother or caregiver but there are women in our lives that nurture and care for us just as a mother would. Give them a call and say thanks.

You may not have children but you can Make Your Meaning OMotherhood Special in someone’s life today and every day.

Remember to do the little things…Stay Positive!

Ken BIG Blake – I Am Not An Expert…I Just Happen To Make Sense.

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