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M.Y. P.O.P.S

Making Your Position Of Power Successful.

When you think about positions of power most people overlook the first positions of power they encountered; father, mother or guardian. In most cases they formed a portion of the view points and methods we use today.

As we grow older and are able to leave the nest we encounter many types of power. Teachers for a large portion of our lives, our employers chain of command and various organizations we may be affiliated with.

One thing is certain, we all are affected by power and affect those we have power over for our entire lives. So lets consider 4 positive methods you can use to effectively become a better leader in Making YOUR Position Of Power Successful.

1. Have a moral compass that is unwavering.Everyone in power has to make decisions that are best not only for the family or organization but for the sake of their conscious.

2. Gain feedback if possible before committing.Insure that you have looked at all the possible outcomes from your experience and take into consideration your significant other / team members experiences in similar circumstances.

3. Communicate how your decision is in alignment with your current goals. Let your family, team members know how your decision is based upon future growth and how it accentuates their present roles

4. Accept the blame but share the success. It would be great if everything we touched turned to gold. Even with the best insight, analytics, reviews and experts things will sometimes go south. It is a part of life. Accept the responsibility of failure and take the steps to remedy it. When you win…Everyone wins and be sure to show them it was their team work that enabled it to happen.

Repeat this… How would MY POPS handle this situation? Think about that and try to do it better.

When it comes to power we can find 1000 things that make sense with over 10,000 orders to put them in. Share in the comments your top 4. That is the power you have to share your thoughts…

Ken BIG Blake – I am not an expert, I just happen to make sense

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