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Not All Are Haters

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Can you imagine sending the wrong person to Hater prison because you failed to identify the characteristics of a real hater. 

What if you were mistaken in the hater hunt and put on a wanted post and had to prove your Lover status?

Everyday we have to make decisions that benefit our choices in the way we proceed with our business strategies.  Some people will see it and some people wont.

It depends on their development, gifts, confidence and past experiences that shape their opinions. 

Everyone is not a hater because they will not confirm or understand your dream.  Your job is to keep at it, ignoring those who you believe to have ill will toward what you are accomplishing.

In time you will prove who you are and that you have a viable solution to the industry you serve. 

So my best advice is to keep your hands busy and remember when you point…three fingers point back at you.. Get Your FREE Business Plan Template With Examples.

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