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Plant Seeds & Have The Patience To Let Them Grow

Growing up on the west side of Chicago you learn a few things. You watch the different avenues people take to the different types of success. You have the flashy high rollers showing their success in autos, cash, product and clothing. You have the serious straight forward guys leading by force and example in various legal and illegal enterprises. You also have that quiet person mostly unnoticed seemingly leading a normal life.

One thing that they have in common is a system that allows them to accumulate.

They all had to P.L.A.N.T. S.E.E.D.S.

Plan – Set a goal and figure out the best way to accomplish it.

Learn – The ins and outs of the business as if their life depended on it.

Assimilate – Absorb themselves into the dream

Nurture – Take care of and repair the system where needed.

Trust – That the time will provide the results planned for

In a couple of the examples above the success seemed to come overnight and much quicker than anticipated to the person looking in. Their names buzzed through the streets and eventually quieted down like the waves of success subsiding.

Many people go into business to make it quick and fast to move on accumulating as much as possible to lost it all in the long run.

What kind of business are you looking to create?

Are you planning to create a generational business or system that can provide for your children’s children or something that you can cash out in? There is no wrong or right choice because all circumstances are different. However, if your foundation is murky you may lose more than you gain when your service is needed on a mass level.

Always think with the end in mind and work backwards toward your starting point. It may take a bit longer but like the Chinese Bamboo Tree that doesn’t sprout for 5 years… within 5 weeks it grows over 90 feet.

Be patient and bless the success of those around you because your seeds will also blossom…in time…

Ken BIG Blake – I Am Not An Expert…I Just Happen To Make Sense.

Ready To Plant Those Seeds? Click Here Now!

Just Remember…It Takes Time.

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