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Gather Your Thoughts, Reassess & Restart.

As a young Marine I learned a lot in my basic training that carried over into my life’s passion. You would be amazed at how much you could remember when a bit of physical pain was attached to your learning environment.

I could bear the pain and the results allowed me to graduate at the top of my battalion in physical fitness and the top 3% in combat based training.

As we become older we are faced with different forms of pain that we must overcome in life and business. I would like to share with you 1 of 3 tips I refined that can help you break through your barriers, aim high and complete your goals with confidence.

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STOP!!! Gather your thoughts. Ask & You Will Receive.

S = Strategy – Take this time to look at your original strategy and make sure you are still on the correct route. Has anything changed that you need to address?

T = Tactical – Has your actions been in alignment as well as flexible enough to carry out your initial mission?

O = Operations – Is the method you are using just as relevant today as it was when you started?

P = Perform(ance) –Are you still just as motivated? Can you still keep up? Are you doing the best you can do with the tools at hand?


Sometimes you just need to sit down with fresh eyes and a mind renewed. If you are an entrepreneur…Moreso.


the other 2 tips will be in the blog P.A.C.K. and L.E.A.D.

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