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There Is Nothing Wrong With The Life You Have Chosen.

Every day you have a door to choose from. This doorway leads into the life you have chosen to lead and believe that works for you. The majority of people choose to get by. They may say that they want better THINGS or half heartily attempt systems that will in others eyes increase their source for better THINGS. In all honesty they just really want to get by. I’ts ok. We should never believe that the door we choose is for everyone and somehow those people are beneath or think they are above us.

Most people start by just getting by. Most people reading this are getting by but choosing to go through another door. I used to think that everyone if they had the right tools, resources and guides would want the better THINGS that life has to offer. Then one morning I awoke and realized with conviction that there is nothing wrong with the life one chooses.

I will never be able to assist those who are steadfast with the door they walk through. I will never be able to assist those who believe they have made their right door choice and my knowledge is not needed.

I will only be able to guide and assist those who have made a conscious serious effort to walk through the door I have chosen and are open to ideas and calculated actions. YOU will save more energy as you walk your path if you choose to also guide through YOUR door.

We all want T.H.I.N.G.S…..The Heaven Inside Never Gets Spoiled! ….

Dont spoil other peoples THINGS.

Ken BIG Blake – I am not an expert!…I just happen to make sense

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