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Your Success Requires A M.I.N.E.R.

My Introspection Needs Exercise Regularly

Good Day Ladies & Gents.

As I was listening to an audio book this morning (Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind) the author mentioned uncovering blockers to success that lay deep within your mind. I thought about what was needed to start uncovering and removing those blocks and realized that if you were to go it alone you would have to develop skills and patience similar to that of a MINER.

A MINER has to first believe there is something worth digging for and then have the faith to take action until the prize (Your Success, Wealth, Freedom) becomes clear and visible.

They also have a blueprint with a foundation that regardless of the soil (naysayers, doubtful Thomases) will breakthrough uncovering the diamonds within.

One of the most important traits to becoming successful is your ability to go within yourself digging deep to uncover those roadblocks as well as drawing from that source that ALWAYS has the right answers. (Regardless If You Listen Or Not)

There will always be people willing and capable of uncovering those roadblocks as well as assisting you with your map, but the one constant that no one will be ever able to provide for you is YOUR commitment. Take some alone time, clock out of your day and become introspective for 15 minutes up to an hour. We all know that in the night before bed or morning before starting your day is always good but taking time during your day may give you the spark or idea that ignites your success.

With that said ladies and gents, exercise your introspection regularly until it can naturally extract those resources.

kenBIGblake – I am not an expert…I just happen to make sense.

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